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KetchiKan Alaska Fishing, CAC style!

March 13th, 2008 · No Comments

Classic Alaska Charters offers a lot of “firsts” in wilderness exploration for those who have never tried overnight trips aboard a fishing charter. Even if you’ve stayed in a lodge in Alaska, the experience is just not the same. For true Ketchikan Alaska Fishing, CAC usually travels out into the less traveled parts of the Misty Fiords, where you can see all sorts of things you may not at a lodge. For example, you might see a bottom fishing Humpback Whale leaping out of the water out by Dall Head; or you might see a whale feeding on herring out by Duke Island. For first timers, whale sighting is a enormous thrill, particularly when done CAC-style: up close and personal!

Imagine limiting out on Yelloweye and Ling Cod or catching a full dozen of Black Rockfish and Quillbacks out on Cape Chacon “ that’s the experience of a lifetime, no matter what your prior fishing experiences you may have had. Along the way you might also catch some silvers, coho, halibut, set some pots for craglegs (all you can eat!) and even some shrimp too. Now that’s what true Ketchikan Alaska Fishing is all about!

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